Designer History

The godfather of the legendary 70’s Chemin de Fer jeans is back. With a new, sleek, sophisticated style of classic jeans for the 21st Century Woman, please welcome RG73 JEANS. 

Roger Gaon, former head of designer and founder of the cult classic Chemin de Fer Jeans, states nostalgically, “If you were a teen or a mother in the 80’s, you remember saving up enough money for just one pair.” Shipping over nine million Chemin de Fer Jeans over the course of ten years, Roger knows how to make lasting jeans that fit the american woman’s best assets. 

The new RG73 Jeans boast a tummy flattening, bum enhancing cut & retains its shape after countless wearings, while using only premium denim and twill. RG73 JEANS flatter a woman’s natural curves, sparking a new fashion attitude. RG73 JEANS are big on sexy and all about class, plain & simple. The vintage washing, dyeing and treatments utilized on our garments, produce a unique and luxurious look, creating a one of a kind feel. “No one was able to duplicate the fit of my garments, though many have tried.” states Roger Gaon. “I am the original designer and manufacturer of Chemin de Fer Jeans. So try RG73 JEANS and “FEEL THE FIT.”